ConnectMed360 is a leader in commercialization services for the healthcare industry connecting pharmaceutical manufacturers with providers and patients to deliver value and efficiency. We’re dedicated to expanding access to patients with the goal of improving quality care, we strive to improve the lives of patients managing their condition.

ConnectMed360 is committed to bringing the most efficient and streamlined technology to manage complex specialty therapies through a complete suite of services.

By providing comprehensive patient services, ConnectMed360 strives to utilize our expertise to positively affect the patient journey through efficient distribution of medication and improved patient adherence.

Our proprietary technology helps our Pharma partners achieve their commercialization goals, which includes identifying and supporting key prescribers and the activation and maintenance of new patients on therapy.

This technology provides internal workflow automation, program and process oversight. Our interactive, real-time, patient-level dashboard deploys an array of algorithms that ensure we achieve optimal Hub operations while providing external clients with real-time patient visibility to our programs.


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